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Who Did We Make Gymwyse For?




Yoga Studios


MMA Centers


Dance Studios


Independent Trainers & Coaches

Gymwyse Brings It All Together:


Trainer Enrollment

Trainers have the convenience of scheduling sessions directly from the app and dashboard. This provides flexibility and transparency for both trainers and gym admins, allowing them to easily track their hours.


Video Sessions

Trainers have the ability to upload their training videos directly to the platform and receive automatic content analysis. This analysis assists trainers in determining which videos resonate best with users.

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Gymwyse provides a simple solution for managing inventory of products to be sold in gyms. Admins have the ability to add new products, track inventory levels, and conduct sales using the software.



Our unique signature feature enables us to offer trainers and gym admins legally binding contracts. This promotes improved compliance and accountability within the fitness industry.



Our reporting section conveniently displays trainer sessions by month, allowing you to quickly view the number of hours and total expenses associated with trainers. Say goodbye to manual tracking of trainer hours at your gyms.

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Gymwyse is the leading all-in-one fitness software package specifically designed for independent gyms. It includes features for managing membership lifecycles, scheduling classes and appointments, and integrating payment processing.

By using Gymwyse, you can efficiently run your business. Additionally, this flexible software saves you time because it's intuitive and user-friendly. This allows you to focus on growing a successful gym business without worrying about technology.

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Why Use Gymwyse?

Gymwyse offers a range of benefits that make it the ideal choice for your gym's website. With Gymwyse, you can streamline backend operations, save time, and run your gym more efficiently. The user-friendly interface and customizable solutions allow you to tailor the software to meet your specific needs and brand requirements. The integrated analytics and reporting features provide valuable insights that enable you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your gym's performance. Moreover, Gymwyse fosters enhanced communication between trainers, members, and gym admins, fostering a strong sense of community and improving customer satisfaction. By choosing Gymwyse, you are investing in a comprehensive fitness software solution that empowers your gym to thrive and succeed.

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