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clinIQ is a cloud-based, mobile-ready visit, and workflow platform for the healthcare industry. clinIQ unifies practice management and Electronic Health Records in a single solution, transforming how your healthcare team does business by allowing them to focus on serving patients. Key Features: Quickly capture patient data with full integration with electronic health records (EHR) Once information is entered into clinIQ you can easily pass that information to your EHR. Streamlined visit entry capability Searches are built around the key elements of each patient encounter, so managing thousands of patients is simple.

Doctor's Clinic
Elementary School Student


SchoolsOut is the safest dismissal platform for students, charter/private schools, after-school programs, YMCAs, JCCs, Summer camps, and childcare services.


It acts as a bridge between schools, teachers, and parents through simultaneous updates to make dismissals safer and more organised. SchoolsOut associated schools are able to organize their dismissals with ease and no longer rely on manual work.


SchoolsOut also provides health check-ups, sends emergency alerts to parents if required, and ensures social distancing during pick and drop keeping in mind the latest CDC guidelines.

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